2018 was going to a bumpy ride and I knew this. Quitting an old job, starting from scratch, drowning in self-doubt, having too much time and not enough work and hence rewatching 'Madmen' is how I spent most of this year. Buuuuut, the famous Vithya decided to get married on the same day as this wedding and hired my only fancy photographer friend, Varun Suresh (he will of course deny any sort of friendship and call me his Pam aka receptionist). 

Anyway, this meant that he was unavailable when Anjanah reached out to him aaaaand voila! That's how I ended up shooting this fabulous wedding along with Rahul Sadagopan for #teamverun.

Now, I've seen my fair share of happy grooms but none come close to Adi :) This contagiously happy, red bull can of a groom and the super laid-back, zero fuss and absolutely stunning Anjanah had everything from a quirky motorcycle baraat entry to a beautifully done beachside wedding weaved with some high-energy dancing, sweating through outfits and Anjanah showing Adi who's the boss by winning every nalangu game. I cannot possibly explain how exhilarating it was to shoot this wedding, so I'll let the pictures do the rest :)